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The Open Grand League - An Outlook

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Trackmania News is sharing their opinion on who they want to see participate in the Open Grand League. Which players do we hope to see return? Which promising names should make sure to participate a first time?

Last Updated: 22 January 2021 17:02:45

The Trackmania Grand League returns for another season. It is here, where the best players of the game come together, pitted up against each other in intense competition. Over the years, the level of professionalism has been steadily rising, reaching a point where players at the top level of the game are supported by reasonably big organizations. There are contracts to fulfill and cheering supporters to satisfy. And while a match can certainly still get the hearts pounding, the sixteen players of the Trackmania Grand League are experienced when it comes to dealing with nervousness and pressure.

One level lower, we enter a different world. The Open Grand League. A world where much less is at stake, and yet some fingers feel twitchier, some hands sweatier, some controllers shakier. It is where the rest of the community comes together to see how they compare against the rest, to feel the thrill of competition, or to just race players on their own level. It is here, where future legends are born and where some dreams shatter far too early. Sure, there are a lot of players that compete in this lower league for the pure fun of it. But for many the hope to perform, the wish to win, is lingering in the background. Away from the grand stage, the Open Grand League writes its own stories. And from January 30th on new chapters will be added. To fill the waiting time until then, Trackmania News is sharing their opinion on who they want to see participate in the Open Grand League. Which players do we hope to see return? Which promising names should make sure to participate a first time?

Who We Hope To See Return

Cap: Having previously proven to be able to keep up with the mid-table players in the Grand League, Cap has been close to making his way back into Trackmania’s most prestigious competition in the Fall 2020 edition of the Open Grand League. The new maps might suit him a bit more, but then again, that might be said for every player. In any case, we hope to see him return to the OGL.

Eirik Holdal: “After almost making the playoffs in the BETA season, we haven't seen Cap in the biggest league. He was in the combine in fall 2020. But I hope we will see Cap back in TMGL 2021.”


Yannex: Being part of the Trackmania Grand League in its Fall 2020 edition, Yannex is one of two players that got relegated down to the Open Grand League. He faced fierce competition in the Grand League and did not perform his best maybe one day too often. However, a trained Yannex can be right up there with the best. For both his potential and his viewerbase, we very much hope to see him try to win OGL and get right back into the TMGL again.

Eirik Holdal: “Yannex is a nice edition to the league. High level and brings exposure to the game. I believe he is the favorite at the moment to making it.”


SuperCarlouf: He got so close in the Fall 2020 edition and almost made it into the first league. Hopefully, not making it so close to the end motivating the French veteran and did not knock him down. If he can pick up from where he left off, he is a force to reckon with. A player that everyone wants to see participate and do well again.

Eirik Holdal: “It would be an amazing story if Carl aka SuperCarlouf makes it back to the biggest league, 15 years (!) after the won the first world championship in the game.”


MiQuatro: If there is a player that might benefit that little bit more from the new mappool than others, it is the Finnish player MiQuatro. For wider representation of the Nordic region, we hope to see him return to yet another season of the Open Grand League.

Eirik Holdal: He has been close to making the combine, and was also close to securing himself a slot in the BETA season. The Nordics needs a player up there, and for me MiQuatro is the strongest contender for that.”


Who We Hope Will Join

TMSapi: Over the last few months, Sapi has shown his skill in various competitions making him one of the most exciting players on the rise. And some fresh names at the very top can never hurt, right?


elconn: The same could be said about elconn. The Czech player is routinely winning smaller competitions, doing well in the cup of the day and shows that he has the varied skillset required to do end up at the very top of the Open Grand League.


Harry: Known as an expertly fullspeed player, Harry has shown to be able to compete in every style, almost beating Mudda in the ARC 2020, for example. If he can keep his motivation up, he is a serious name to consider for a spot in the combine.


Erizel: Erizel is one skilled player, especially in time attack hunting. He could be another name from the Nordics that represents that region at a high level. We would enjoy seeing him in the OGL, already just for figuring out how well he would do.


Haskell: The Brazilian has been showcasing his skills in the Nadeo campaigns for quite some time by now and with former Brazilian TMGL player matt facing prolonged wrist issues, it would be great for the country to see another player try to get to the top. However, the Brazilian has not participated in any competitions so far and seems to restrict himself to hunting campaign maps, so this is a far-fetched hope.


Who do you hope to see participate? Hefest? Rotaker? racehans?

Last Updated: 22 January 2021 17:02:45 · Published: 22 January 2021 15:56:33

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