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The Trackmania Awards return for 2021!

: Trackmania Awards by  Germany Ozon,   France Lauz

Starting at 18:00 CET, you can vote for your preferred nominees in each category of the 2021 edition of the biggest award show in Trackmania. Find out more about the changes to the format this year.

Last Updated: 12 December 2021 12:44:00

Initiated by Eirik Holdal and Schumi back in 2016, the Trackmania Awards put the spotlight on the personalities and highlights of the past year. It's an event which evolves from year to year, and has been led by Lauz since 2020.


What are the Trackmania Awards?

It's an award show to honour the most dedicated persons in and around the game Trackmania. Award winners are determined within several categories that cover not only the best players, but also the most helpful, creative and the most impressive community members and projects.

Historically, the show was always based upon public votes, sometimes mixed with weighted votes by a dedicated jury for specific categories. Since 2020, the vote has been carried out on the trackmania.news page.


Who can vote?

Everyone! You only need to log in / register to ManiaExchange.


Where can I vote?

Head to the Awards page (yellow button in the site menu) and head downwards to the respective voting phase!


The Format

At first, possible nominees are collected in the Suggestion Phase. Here, up to 4 free-text votes can be made by each voting user. At the end of the phase, the TMNews team will validate the votes and choose the TOP 4 of each category based on the vote count. In few cases, voting choices might be merged to create a more balanced list of choices for a category.

At last, the public is asked to vote again for the Voting Phase. Here, the public users can cast one vote per category (4 choices each). The results of this vote determine the award winners


New and Changed Categories

Some of the 19 voting categories this year are either new or slightly changed. An overview:

Classic TM Player of the Year

Last year, this category was called "Maniaplanet Player of the Year". With this name, this category extends to any Trackmania game except the newest one (Trackmania 2020).

Social Media Creator of the Year

Last year, there were the categories Movie-Maker OTY, Content Creator OTY and Streamer OTY. The voting behaviour suggested a big overlap between those three. We have adjusted the descriptions of each of them and replaced Content Creator with Social Media Creator.

A Social Media Creator would be anyone, that creates content in any platform, which is neither considered a movie, nor a stream or cast. This could be for example your favorite youtuber, item creator, twitter user or someone else.

Creative Project of the Year

A completely new category that is supposed to catch big projects that foster and output creativity among community users. Examples: Mapping contests, campaigns, competitive events, collaborative maps and others.

Photographer of the Year

This category is for the people in the community, dedicated to creating high quality ingame screenshots, edited or unedited - the so-called Trackmania Photographers. Could be someone known for creating screenshots of maps or edits for social media.



Public can suggest their nominees until the 20th December.

The Nominees will be revealed on Wednesday December 22nd at 20:00 CET during a show hosted by Turbo, on Twitch and Youtube!

Afterwards, the voting phase will be open until Friday, December 31st, 23:59 CET. The final results of the Trackmania Awards 2021 will be revealed at a show hosted by Turbo, on Twitch and Youtube on Sunday January 02nd at 20:00 CET.


Any remaining questions?

Leave a comment below and use the forums to report site bugs.

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