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Trackmania Holiday Showdown Returns For 2021

: Online Event Charity  ·  : Trackmania by  Lithuania Kem

Like last year, THS is back in action with the goal to support a good cause by playing some Trackmania! This time the event is open for everyone to stream, fundraise, and attempt to be the best!

Last Updated: 23 December 2021 23:17:54


It has been 2 full years since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time period our way of living has changed drastically, our relationships have been impacted and it is very likely that after all of this we will come out entirely different than we were before. Those years have been stressful for many of us, forcing us to adapt to the ever-changing circumstances imposed by the dynamic nature of the pandemic. It is very easy to lose yourself amongst all of this and eventually break down mentally.

Based on this and one personal story, with Trackmania Holiday Showdown'21 I personally want to draw attention to mental health.
The selected charity is Mind, a UK based organization with the aim to assist everyone in a time of need. They are also campaigning to make assistance available, fair and of high quality to everyone.

Make sure to check out the fundraiser campaign on Tiltify and donate!


1000€ will be split among the 7 fastest gamers:

1. 300 €
2. 200 €
3. 150 €
4. 100 €
5. 100 €
6. 75 €
7. 75 €

Additionally, 3 goodie bags sponsored by Ubisoft Nadeo will be given away to randomly selected participants of the entire competition*
*Only EU players who set a time during Qualification phase are eligible for the giveaway.

Structure & Game Mode


The Trackmania event will kick off with a Time Attack Qualification phase based on custom game mode. Top 16 players in the Local Records will advance to the Finals.


The Finals will be held on the same custom mode, this time based on Knockout. It will be split into two parts to facilitate a short break in the middle. During the first part the player field will be cut down from 16 to the 7 prized places. The second part will determine who will claim the biggest chunk of the money and crown themselves as THS'21 champions!

Reactors on-demand!

Players will have access to four different reactor boost variations. Each one activates for 4 seconds, so make sure to use them to the fullest, because they're not coming back after a while! Whether it's for saving yourself from a fall or a dead turtle or to gain a competitive edge by speeding up and executing a wild cut - that's up to you. There are some pretty wild ideas already...

As for the playground, the event will played on the notorious Bennett Foddy ate my CPs map with a few modifications:

Added checkpoints on floors 3, 5 and 8 for better player accessibility and less punishing rounds.
Fixed transition from floor 6 to floor 7, no more random deaths!
Added blockers on the outside walls.

Streaming & Event Schedule

Huge thanks to Wirtual for providing the central broadcast again! If you haven't already, go support him!
During the the break of the Finals phase we will be distributing a few Trackmania Club Access keys, so make sure you tune in then!

Again, we encourage all streamers to collaborate these next days and join the fundraiser efforts!

The full event schedule goes as follows:
December 20th - Announcement and start of the fundraiser.
December 27th, 16:00 CET - Qualification phase start
December 29th, 23:59 CET - Qualification phase end
December 30th, 16:00 CET - Finals phase - part 1 start
December 30th, 17:30 CET - Finals phase - part 2 start
December 31st, 16:00 CET - Fundraiser ends

Stay Involved

Join our Discord Server to stay up-to-date with event news
Follow THS on Twitter
Contribute to the Tiltify Campaign
Check out mental health resources on Mind

Last Updated: 23 December 2021 23:17:54 · Published: 23 December 2021 00:57:23
 Lithuania Kem  (Organizer)