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Trackmania Awards 2021 - Results

: Trackmania Awards by  Germany Ozon,   France Lauz

The Trackmania Awards have concluded and more people have participated in voting than ever before. We have the results for you.

Last Updated: 07 January 2022 17:36:30

With the Trackmania Awards, valuable community members and their contributions are honored. In 20 categories across different areas of the game a public vote was held about the most worthy winners. Players, creative people, but also entertainers could be voted for. In the following we present to you the winners in each category.

Some numbers:

  • 1196 individual people voted in 2021
  • 18216 votes were cast in 2021

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How do the Trackmania Awards work?

The Trackmania community is likely one of the most invested and creative groups of people around. Choosing a few nominees out of a huge pool can be challenging, which is why the TM Awards include a Suggestion Phase, which allow users to cast a free-text vote for up to 4 nominees they think should be in the next phase. This final phase is called the Voting Phase, where TMAwards jury have selected 4-6 suitable candidates to vote from the results of the Suggestion Phase. This vote decides the winner.

If you have feedback to make the Awards better in the future, feel free to submit this form to us.


The people behind the Awards

Trackmania Awards is the main event of the project Trackmania News, both being led by Lauz. Development of the website, including the voting system, is being lead and performed by Ozon. The Trackmania News staff consists of Kaquaoify, Luna, iMineNoX and Turbo.

The Awards would not have been possible without the help of the jury, which sacrificed their free time to debate and decide on nominees for the Voting Phase and to vote for their winners in each category. The jury consisted of Aobeur, Cleora, Florenzius, HaagseSmurf, janschl, Kaquaoify, lulub340, Lumix, maeng, Marius89, mephisto, Nano, Nathan, Navi, pydelta, shortz, SchumiSkins, slàys, Taakunzz, tbsdlr, Turbo and Vayq. Big thanks to them!


Too close to call

39.73 % Wirtual (414 Votes), 38.20 % Spam (398 Votes),
12.76 % Yannex (133 Votes), 9.31 % Bren (97 Votes) 

Especially close was the vote for Streamer of the Year, in which for a long time, Spam and Wirtual exchanged 1st place with small margins in their advantages. In the end, merely 16 votes decided the winner (with 414 votes). Wirtual is the most successful Trackmania streamer yet. He averages thousands of views in every stream and has grown not only to the largest Trackmania Twitch channel but also to one of the largest streamers on Twitch. His broad spectrum of content, his skill and his ability to connect to people outside of Trackmania brought him the deserved win in this category.


34.84 % mime (346 Votes), 30.82 % GranaDy (306 Votes),
20.04 % Affi (199 Votes, Jury winner), 14.30 % Otaaq (142 Votes)

Who was the player that improved the most in 2021? The public vote decided that mime has exceeded expectations and moved up the highest this year. Only 40 Votes seperate the him from GranaDy, who comes 2nd in the public vote. Affi has been voted by jury to be their winner with 3 jury votes against 2 for mime, but only lies in 3rd according to the public vote, which for the first two has been too close to call until the end. With mime - next to other achievements - appearing and dominating in the TMGL:Challenger season, he gets a deserved top spot in this category.


38.38 % Keissla (322 Votes), 35.16 % Roquete (295 Votes),
18.47 % Sapphiron (155 Votes), 7.99 % Mephistö (67 Votes)

Only 27 votes decided this year's Mapper of the Year. The vote decided that Keissla has created this year's most impressive maps, which were prominent in big competitions like the Trackmania Grand League. Roquete, who has been close behind, also created maps for TMGL, next to other compeitions, and two very impressive RPG maps, which were among the top awarded maps on TrackmaniaExchange.


The Big Winners

62.65 % Cheating Scandal (614 Votes), 18.78 % Yosh's AI Learns Trackmania (184 Votes),
14.29 % Karlberg's Mapping Journey (140 Votes), 4.29 % L4bomb4's Press Nothing (42 Votes)

There were also some categories among those, where a high percentage of votes went to the winner. In Video of the Year, with 62.65 % of the votes, the Trackmania community decided that The Biggest Cheating scandal in Trackmania History by Wirtual (Link) had the biggest impact in 2021. Definetly a deserved winner, given not only its high production quality and investigation effort, but also the consequences the video and report had on the Trackmania and the whole gaming community. The story and video have been picked up by other popular content creators and streamers outside of the Trackmania world. The video at the moment sits at 2 Million views on Youtube.


56.05 % Wirtual (579 Votes), 24.98 % Spam (258 Votes),
10.07 % Eirik Holdal (104 Votes, Jury Winner), 8.91 % OK-Bois (92 Votes)

Social Creator of the Year with a whopping 56.05 % of the votes went also to Wirtual, likely to a big part through his run of creating captivating Trackmania documentaries that millions in- and outside of Trackmania have watched. The jury voted Eirik Holdal to be their winner, for his countless contributions to shaping Journalism and the eSports scene in Trackmania. 


39.00 % Wirtual (390 Votes), 25.50 % GGeek (255 Votes),
24.70 % LuckersTurbo (247 Votes), 10.80 % QuantumDeathCat (108 Votes)

Another award, that went to Wirtual this year, is Caster of the Year. Wirtual is prominently known for casting the big matches this year, like the Trackmania Grand League, where he went to cast for the international stream. His ability to amplify excitement and inform his viewers about the ongoing events in a very precise and entertaining way is likely what stood out to a lot of voters this year. The jury decided to also give a honorary mention to LuckersTurbo, for casting a wide range of events in Trackmania eSports - including the TMGL.


52.56 % SchumiSkins (441 Votes), 20.50 % antoskins (172 Votes),
18.71 % Agoyya (157 Votes), 8.22 % Peiks (69 Votes)

In Skinner of the Year, 52.56 % of the votes went straight to SchumiSkins, who is arguably one of the most well known skinners to date, rocking also one of the largest Trackmania Clubs for skins. His high quality creations this year include - next to others - motorsport livery remakes, team skins and more team skins.


54.52 % mime (537 Votes), 33.60 % Micka (331 Votes),
6.60 % Dan (65 Votes), 5.28 % Ratchet (52 Votes)

A whopping 54.52 % of votes went to mime in the category Amateur of the Year, who had a very successful 2021. The exalty tauro player dominated the first installment of the TMGL:Challenger, next to player Otaaq, won the Trackmania Climate Fundraiser, finished TOP2 and TOP3 in the Trackmania Summer and Spring campaign - respectively - and barely missed out on qualifying for the World Cup in a thrilling match against Bren, Scrapie and Mudda.


58.06 % Hefest (490 Votes), 22.04 % Demon (186 Votes),
8.06 % Morpheo (68 Votes), 7.46 % Mebe12 (63 Votes, Jury winner)

The public vote for Classic TM Player of the Year commenced... and then Hefest got this run: He wins this category by a landslide with 58.06 % of the vote, for this ability to drive long-lasting Trackmania Nations Forever campaign World Records, for which he is well known in Trackmania popular culture. The jury decided to award Mebe12 as a jury winner, for his achievements in Trackmania Canyon, notably holding 58/65 campaign WRs and additionally 7 WRs in Trackmania Turbo's Canyon maps.


The Remaining Winners

There are 11 more categories in the 2021 Trackmania Awards. Here's their winners. Jury winners are only mentioned if they deviate from the voting result. Congratulations to:

  • Community Person of the Year: Eirik Holdal (39.61 % of the Vote, 402 Votes)
  • Skin of the Year: Evo by SchumiSkins (43.33 % of the Vote, 383 Votes)
  • Photographer of the Year: SchumiSkins (34.51 % of the Vote, 254 Votes - Jury Winner: Tuta)
  • Movie of the Year: Suburbia 2 by SimplyNick & htimh (39.85 % of the Vote, 318 Votes - Jury Winners: POLYCHROMAT1K by Ozon & Lars and I Race To Win by Peiks)
  • Movie Maker of the Year: shortz (52.46 % of the Vote, 362 Votes - Jury Winners: MCYC, MotionMania, FormulWorld)
  • Map of the Year: Rubik's Cube by Heasto (32.96 % of the Vote, 297 Votes)
  • Creative Project of the Year: Random Map Challenge by Flink and Greep (43.63 % of the Vote, 428 Votes - Jury Winner: FlagRush)
  • Event of the Year:  Trackmania World Cup (38.00 % of the Vote, 380 Votes - Jury Winner: Trackmania Formula League / TMFL)
  • Match of the Year: TMFL Fall 2021 - Step 8 (45.50 % of the Vote, 379 Votes)
  • Team of the Year: MnM Gaming (43.89 % of the Vote, 345 Votes - Jury Winner: orks GP Numelops)
  • Pro Player of the Year: Pac (37.20 % of the Vote, 375 Votes - Jury Winner: CarlJr)



We want to sincerly thank the Trackmania Community for being what they are. This year has been full of surprises, success stories, drama, but also amazing projects and contributions to the game. Many names worth mentioning are sadly not in the Trackmania Awards - there are just too many great people and projects out there to choose from. We also hope that you enjoyed the show! See you in next year's Trackmania Awards!

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