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Pac among British and Irish players to fight for regional title

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This Sunday, the best British and Irish players will battle it out in the British & Irish Professional Cup (BIPC). With Pac, returning veterans and up and coming talents in attendance, BIPC is a must-watch event.

Last Updated: 22 January 2022 10:37:38

Pac: “I definitely don't underestimate these players” - BIPC Preview

This Sunday, the best British and Irish players will battle it out in the British & Irish Professional Cup (BIPC). The winner will be crowned champion of the region and receive the lion’s share of a crowdfunded prize pool that currently stands at £690. Among the 100-plus competitors are current TMGL champion Pac, a large number of returning veterans and up and coming talents. BIPC is the first British-Irish event since 2011 and promises to be the most exciting tournament in the region’s history.

Out of more than 100 participants, the clear frontrunner is Pac. The playoffs format—the rounds-based Reverse Cup Mode, in which lower scoring players are knocked out until a single winner remains—should suit the decorated Brit, whose blistering pace allowed him to dominate in the TMGL Fall 2021 playoffs. The challenging one-minute-long maps, built by distinguished mappers Keissla, Enysado, saghzs and Whizzy, will require Pac and the other competitors to race to the best of their abilities.


We caught up with Pac to get his thoughts on the event.

Most people say you're the favourite to win. How confident are you, and do you think that there will be a tough contest for the competition's top spots?

It’s nice to see people say that and I would guess they are right considering recent form, and lack of a UK scene in major events. But I definitely don't underestimate these players, they did well in TSCC1, nearly beating the top countries, and the times they've set on the tracks are really impressive! I think for sure it'll be a good fight.

The BIPC is the first event to be hosted exclusively for the region in over a decade. What can you say about the current health of the British-Irish TrackMania community?

It seems to be a great community that we have, and due to this event I've realised how good it actually is. I never thought over 100 people would sign up from the British-Irish community for a comp and here we are. Hopefully this can continue to grow and improve our UK & Irish scene!


The fierce competition that Pac alludes to includes some of the TrackMania franchise’s first professional players. Irish player Hotswat and Englishmen Sabre and Jonno hail from the TrackMania Nations Forever era and are showing that they still have pace in the qualifying stage2. Scottie, Scotland’s top tech player and long-time competitor in TrackMania 2: Stadium, also returns for his first premier solo competitive showing in TrackMania 2020. Typically touted as four of the best British and Irish players of all time, expect deep playoff runs from these competitors.

However, new blood within the British and Irish community looks ready to upset the old guard. English up-and-comers Whizzy and bozbez have shown considerable promise since TrackMania 2020’s launch through good placings in the TrackMania Seasonal Series^ events and Cup of the Day. Promising underdogs include the Welsh Acrose and Northern Irish player ChaoticSniper89. These two are looking to show what their countries, which are yet to produce top international players, can offer on a big stage.


How to Watch the BIPC Playoffs

The playoffs will take place on January 23rd from 12:00 GMT (13:00 CET), with the grand final set to be played at 17:00 GMT (18:00 CET). The main stream will be live on https://www.twitch.tv/trackmaniaesports. Alternative streams will be live until the semi finals, since multiple matches will be played simultaneously up to that point.

Official commentary will be provided by LuckersTurbo, QuantumDeathCat, Zathdos, GGeek and Bueno.

Get Involved

Join the British & Irish TrackMania discord: https://discord.com/invite/USgwA98Mzm.

Follow the community on twitter: https://twitter.com/BritishIrishTM.


1 TrackMania Seasonal Country Championship is a country-based event from TrackMania Seasonal Series.

2 https://tma.gg/bipc/ta

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