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10 Years of Smurfscups Canyon!

: Online Event  ·  : TrackMania² Canyon by  HaagseSmurf

10 Years of Smurfscups Canyon!

Today, 3 March 2022, we Smurfs are celebrating 10 years of Smurfscups Canyon and we want to thank everyone in this community and NADEO for making this all possible!

Last Updated: 17 March 2022 09:48:04

10 Years of Smurfscups Canyon!

At 3 March 2012 we hosted our first Canyon Smurfscup for 42 players.
The first winner of the Smurfscup Canyon was JoepieSmurf with 919 points.
Other well known players at this first Smurfscup were PookSmurf, Dawid-dada, Vulcano, Sho0ta, Suptimal etc etc

497 Smurfscups Canyon and 10.940.600 paid-out planets

Today, 3 March 2022, 10 years after the first Smurfscup Canyon we hosted up to now 497 Smurfscups Canyon.
We paid out 10.940.600 planets for thousands of players and we still love hosting this awesome event.
At the 19th of March 2022 we will even host Smurfscup Canyon #500!

Thanks to everyone!

With this celebration we also want to thank everyone in this awesome community to be there every time. 
We also want to thank NADEO for making these events possible!

Some cool stats from the past:
The top 5 of 3 March 2012 was

  1. tbpotn with 919 points
  2. versnellingspook with 607 points
  3. 6hebus9 with 605 points
  4. dawid-dada with 575 points
  5. neonova with 513 points

Last Updated: 17 March 2022 09:48:04 · Published: 03 March 2022 09:00:00