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TMGL Points Distribution Analysis

: Trackmania Grand League  ·  : Trackmania by  France Nathan R.

Empirical study of the points distribution applied to the Trackmania Grand League.

Last Updated: 01 November 2020 16:15:13

Authors: Jérémi Mapas, Nathan Rousselot and Thomas "Skadi" Bouquignaud

Abstract: The TrackMania Grand League (TMGL) - the major Trackmania tournament hosted by Nadeo - has received criticism on its format since its very first edition. Instead of making subjective statements based on feelings, this document proposes a mathematical approach to the understanding of TMGL's format. Using rigorous statistical tools, this paper evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of the TMGL point distribution system from an ethical perspective of fairness.




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Last Updated: 01 November 2020 16:15:13 · Published: 01 November 2020 11:00:00
 France Nathan R.  (Author)

Fullspeed Major Series (FSL, SPS, FSM) and World Team Cup Admin. Numelops Manager. Graduate Student in Electromagnetism and Signal Processing at ENSEEIHT.

 France Idreak  (Co-Author)

Fullspeed Major Series and World Team Cup Admin. Numelops and orKs Grand Poitiers Community Manager. PhD student in Detonics - CEA | LAAS-CNRS. Independent video game creator.