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User Choice Awards 2022 Voting Phase!

: User Choice Awards  ·  : TrackMania² ShootMania Storm Trackmania by  United States eyebo

The annual event where you choose to nominate and vote for the best creators and their creations in TM2020, TM2, and ShootMania.

Last Updated: 09 April 2023 01:12:26

The UCA begins!

As the second full year of Trackmania (2020) has closed, we're now looking back on all the amazing creations crafted by the community. In addition, the TrackMania 2 and ShootMania communities released some cool creations of their own! These awards are your chance to give some recognition to the mappers, item makers, and others that made TM a game that you wanted to come back to again and again throughout 2022.

TMX User Choice Awards

These are the TrackmaniaExchange awards for Trackmania (2020). The categories are mostly about mappers and their maps released during 2022.

MX User Choice Awards

These are the ManiaExchange awards for the four TrackMania 2 titles: Canyon, Stadium, Valley, and Lagoon. And also categories for ShootMania Storm. The categories are mostly about mappers and their maps released during 2022.

Phases of the UCA

Nominations (March 12 - March 20)

During the nomination phase you'll have the opportunity to suggest up to four users per category. We'll then take the eligible choices with the most nomination votes and move them on to the next phase.

Voting (March 24 - March 31)

Choose from among the top nominations in each category. Those with the highest votes wins the award in each category.

Winners Announced (April 7)

We'll present the winners of the awards in a news article and a series of tweets. You'll also be able to view the full results of the voting phase at that time.

TMX UCA Voting MX UCA Voting

Last Updated: 09 April 2023 01:12:26 · Published: 01 March 2023 22:41:17
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