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The website trackmania news will shutdown on December 1st

: Site News by  Germany Ozon

The website project and the collaboration between ManiaExchange and trackmania news has ended. The site and its contents will be taken offline soon.

Last Updated: 09 September 2023 10:42:51

The TMNews Website project has ended. With it, the collaboration between TMNews and ManiaExchange also ends.

This does not, however, end TMNews / Trackmania News and their Discord.

What is Trackmania News?

Trackmania News is a Discord server, where players and a dedicated staff post a news stream of transfers, requests, little news pieces, events, streams and more. The website for it had an article editor and a poll creator, which were modified over the lifetime of the site. Features in development include Competitions, Events, Live Results from Server Controllers, Transfers and Player Statistics. These features were meant to make it easier to connect news pieces, esports and the people behind the game.

Over 2800 users have logged in once on the site since the site emerged in late 2019, while only few have actually used or supported the site, in part attributable to the pages' lack of features. The site will remain online for about three more months in read-only mode, before it will be taken offline.

Main reasons for taking it offline are the security concerns that come with keeping an old site online. If you want to find out more about the reasonings behind this decision, you can check out the blog entry of the Lead Developer of trackmania.news.

Thanks for your interest and support in this project.

Last Updated: 09 September 2023 10:42:51 · Published: 09 September 2023 10:41:22
 Germany Ozon

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