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Monthly Track Contest - September 2020 Results

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Check out the results of Trackmania's main mapping competition!

Last Updated: 19 December 2021 21:23:37

Trackmania's unique map editor offers players to build custom maps that they can then share with the community on the map-sharing website trackmania.exchange. Every month, the website is organizing a mapping competition, called Monthly Track Contest (MTC), in which everyone can participate. Players (or in this case mappers) have 3-4 weeks to build a map following a monthly theme. Afterwards, a jury crowns the winner.

And now, the results for the September MTC came in! Players had to build a map shorter than 20 seconds and try to pack as much action as possible into that short time.

We congratulate Proff10 for his win!


MTC September 2020 - First Place

Map: Power Source
Author: Proff10
Points: 129/150
Awards: 16
Best TMX Time: 19.980 by AR_Down

Make sure to check out the map on trackmania.exchange: here. If you like it, drop an award on the mappage, to show Proff10 your appreciation!

Second Place

Map: Scotland
Author: jaaan
Points: 122/150
Awards: 5
Best TMX Time: 18.777 by Sky.esu
Maplink: Here

Third Place

Map: Warrens
Author: velv
Points: 118/150
Awards: 3
Best TMX Time: 19.536 by AR_Down
Maplink: Here

Participate Yourself!

Every month a new mapping competition starts. Currently, the MTC November is going on, so fire up your map editors and join us for the competition. Check out the theme here: MTC November 2020.

Last Updated: 19 December 2021 21:23:37 · Published: 03 November 2020 08:24:08