UBITEAM Trio Cup - An Interview with Gaara and Taak

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The UBITEAM Trio Cup will take place on the 12th and 13th of December. Trackmania News sat down with Gaara and Taak for an interview.

The UBITEAM Trio Cup, organized by Helios and Taak with the support of UBITEAM, will take place on the 12th and 13th of December 2020.

Trackmania News sat down in separate interviews with Taak and Gaara, two of the organizers, to discuss the cup, organizing events for charity, and what to look forward to next year.


TMNews: Hello to both of you! Could you briefly introduce yourself?

Taak: My name is Taak, formerly Taakunzz, and I started playing Trackmania at the beginning of 2019. I was playing the game and I started to organize competitions in July of the same year. I started with the Elity Cup 1, which had a cashprize of 60€.

Gaara: I am Alban Gosselin, also known as Gaara, and I have been UBITEAM’s president since its creation in 2005.


TMNews: This first question is directed to Gaara. Helios and Taak recently joined UBITEAM to organize competitions on Trackmania. Given that UBITEAM has been active on Trackmania for a while, was it in your plans originally to organize competitions on the game?

Gaara: Well, as you said, we have been active on Trackmania since 2008 already, we have had teams compete, and we have won the STC two times as a team. We then recruited Taak and Helios because aside from competing on various esport titles, UBITEAM also organizes events – we wanted to help them go even further with their nice projects, and thus create events like we did for the Elity Cup in November, like we are currently doing with the UBITEAM Trio Cup in December, and like we will do next year with some more events.


TMNews: Could you introduce the Ubiteam Trio Cup to us and explain the format? How is it different from Elity Cups?

Taak: Well, the Ubiteam Trio Cup, shortened UTC, takes place on the 12th and 13th of December with teams of three players. Every team will be playing on the same server for the seeding and will then be placed into a standard tournament tree. The finals will then be played in Cup mode.


TMNews: This cup also doubles as a charity event. How did you come up with the idea and what were the motivations behind it?

Taak: We had always wanted to either do a charity event or run a prevention campaign for the Elity Cups. It did not happen, but we wanted to keep going with that idea, and Gaara thought that doing a charity event for CH Nanterre would be a great idea considering the current sanitary situation, and that is how it came to life.

Gaara: December is the month of charity for UBITEAM, inasmuch as we organize two events with the goal of collecting more for charity, more specifically for the CH Nanterre. We want to help the medical corps there, as they are going through tough times currently, and we will thus set up relaxation rooms and bring them more comfort overall. The current goal for the fundraiser is 1000€ – we have already raised 100€, and so we wanted to organize two tournaments, namely tomorrow’s UBITEAM Trio Cup, and next week’s CS:GO tournament, with 32 teams. We have already done charity events, as we already organized last summer a poker tournament called SUPINFO National Poker Tour, which allowed us to raise 140€ for the Institut Pasteur and research in general. This time, we wanted to do the same with another association, and we are already planning other events for 2021 and for other associations.


TMNews: Aside from the caritative aspect of the competitions, the players will also compete for a cashprize themselves. Could you tell us about who made that possible?

Taak: Since we are organizers for UBITEAM right now, their sponsor Coverd, a phone insurance company, follows us and helps us with the cashprize of the editions we organize.

Gaara: Indeed, Coverd, which is a French non-binding phone insurance company, partly helped us with collecting the cashprize money. They had already helped us financially for the Elity Cup 4. The rest of the cashprize money came from Nadeo itself.


TMNews: And thus, if Coverd feels that the Trackmania community shows some interest towards them, they might be looking to sponsor further editions, is that right?

Gaara: That is correct! We have a link that leads to their website and a plugin that tracks where the new visitors come from, so the more people show interest towards Coverd, the better it will be for the Trackmania community, as we would be able to organize even better events in the future. If you want to help us with that, here is a web page to visit.

Taak: To put it simply, the more you click on the links we give you on Discord, the more cashprize we can get for Trackmania! (laughs)


TMNews: How are you feeling right now? Some stress, some apprehension for tomorrow? Is everything ready and running?

Gaara: Taak and Helios are very rigorous, so everything has been ready for a while and everything should go well.

Taak: Well, one of our servers loves to crash on us, but it should go well overall indeed. (laughs)

Gaara: Actually, for this particular event, we had a plugin made especially for the cup, so it will be really nice to see how it goes.


TMNews: Thanks a lot for your time! If you have any last words, shoutouts, or whatever, go ahead.

Gaara: First of all, thanks a lot to Trackmania News for helping us promote the event to the Trackmania scene, as we probably would not have reached this milestone of 64 registered teams without you. Thank you to riolu! and to all the other streamers who will cover the event this weekend, promote the matches and showcase the great players who will partake in the cup. See you in 2021 for more events!

Taak: Thank you for the interview and till next time!


The UBITEAM Trio Cup will take place on the 12th and 13th of December 2020, starting at 2 P.M. CET on Saturday. You can follow the competition by joining the competition's Discord server.

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