CPS 22 - Who performed best in the qualifications

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A look inside of the individual player performances during the CPS22 qualifications.

On Sunday, November 1st, the qualifications for the Competition Premiership 22 took place. Find our comprehensive overview on this online tournament and the qualification results here.

This article takes a close look at which players stood out during the qualifications - who are the MVPs of the qualifications? And which players performed disproportionately well for the league that they ended up in?

Best Performers

As some players played only one map, while others played two maps, we look at the average points scored of these players.

1. 874 Points - Vortax
Team: ZeyRo White
Having played on only one map, Vortax made sure to make it count. Only nivO was able to gain more points on a map, with Vortax clearly showing that he is one to count on for his team ZeyRo White. It will be interesting to see if he can hold this performance up against more experienced opponents in the upcoming league one matches.

2. 868 Points - KarjeN
Team: 4Wheels
A strong performance from the Swedish veteran who returns to the CPS with a newly formed team of veterans and fresh faces: 4Wheels. KarjeN clearly showed that after years out of competition, he still has it.

3. 862 Points - Poker
Team: 4Wheels
Another veteran player that is staging a return to the competitive scene is Austrian legend Poker. And just like his teammate KarjeN, he is still going strong. Could 4Wheels challenge for the throne, with such a strong and experienced lineup?

4. 837 Points - Tween
Team: WeArePositive
The Slovakian player is freshly coming out of a stint in the Trackmania Grand League, that saw him narrowly miss the playoffs. Surely, that could have looked very different if the maps were just a bit more tech-heavy. Because as this qualification shows, Tween is still super strong on all things tech.

5. 821.5 Points - Otaaaq
Team: ZeyRo White
Another French player from ZeyRo White that shows the talent within the team. Him and Vortax could compete with the best - but does their squad offer enough depth? In any case a great performance to ensure his team can sit at the table with the big guys!

Rounding out the Top 10 by average points are the following players:

820.5 Points - nivO

815 Points - Kerberos
Team: 4Wheels

807 Points - Amaterasu
Team: Team SHIFT

801.5 Points - Nevermind
Team: MnM

800 Points - Neodym
Team: ZeyRo White

Notably, 4Wheels features with four different drivers - a promising sign of great squad depth. Nevermind displayed the best performance of all players in League 2, while ZeyRo White actually finds a third of their players in the Top 10 in person of Neodym. While only featuring with one player in the Top 10, Team SHIFT and WeArePositive both had several players with strong performances. Massa scored 862 points on Bugplanet, while dauli contributed 763 points to the efforts of his team. The reward? Both newly-formed teams will feature in the first league.

The Outliers

Next to the mentioned nevermind, who scored exceptionally many points but only features in the second league with his team, there are a number of other players that seem to perform 'out of their league' so far. In league two, the qualifications might have identified key players for each team. Xless scored 732 points for ReaWall, and Cruzial was the second-best contributor for MnM with 744 points in support of nevermind. For Team 300, Era pulled a strong performance at 772 points.

In the third division, Kozo showed that he is a force to reckon with, as he achieved 651 and 635 points on the two maps that he played. A similar performance was shown by Tricky for team SG eSports, who got 638 and 662 points on his maps. Team ZeyRo Black saw Mephisto and 7ven reach 638 and 637 points respectively and them outperforming their team members. The largest amount of points was hauled in by Nelesta's Tommy, who contributed 685 points to the efforts of his team - a performance that could compete with some second division players.

Notable players in the remaining leagues are Doxlan, who performed on division 3 level, while his team Evodream COTOREP ended up in division 5. T0myx09 achieved a respectable 646 points, with his team Loyalty Esport competing in divison 4. An impressive performance was delivered by Hand from OrksGP Red who scored 704 points, despite only competing in divison 4 - should he have been a part of OrksGP Black, the main team of the OrksGP team, after all? Lastly, Lookid managed to pull in 660 points for eDen eSports, but will compete in the fifth league.


Who surprised you most? And which team do you see winning the CPS? Let us know!

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