Cup Of The Day - 03-11 - Results

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See the Top 20 for the first Track of the Day tournament in Trackmania!

Wow! After technical issues yesterday, today's Cup of the Day delivered. While yesterday's first attempt at hosting the new, daily online event by Nadeo came to an early end due to unexpected bugs, today's server performance went much smoother and the very first edition of the Cup of the Day took successfully place. Players all around were absolutely delighted to see such an exciting addition to the game.

A format that reminded many of the more experienced players of the glorious former online tournament "True Talent Cup", saw players first hunt for the best time on a map. In sections of 64 players each, divided by TA seeding, a following knockout phase takes place. In this phase, players play the selected map of the day round after round - and in each round the bottom players at the finish get kicked out. In the end, only one true winner remains per group of 64 players. And the first edition saw none other than multi world champion CarlJr claim the title.

Top 20

1. Place - CarlJr

2. Place - Massa

3. Place - Bren

4. Sapi
5. Affi
6. Neqzo
7. Nixotica
8. Sebi2a
9. Haedra
10. SuperCarlouf
11. Dog
12. Otaaaq
13. Captang
14. Kainry
15. Bresso
16. 7ven
17. Riolu
18. Wosile
19. Marius89
20. Conifox

Want to participate yourself? The Cup of the Day takes place every... day! at 19:00 CET ingame. Make sure to join whenever you can!

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