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2020 has been a tough year for many. Despite the cancelled LANs and the multiple dramas, people have kept their dedication and passion for Trackmania. In an effort to acknowledge and celebrate the work and determination some of us in the Trackmania World have consistently shown, the Trackmania Awards were initiated.

Welcome to the Trackmania Awards 2020!

Throughout the month of December, the community will be able to debate, and defend to put in honor the people who have played an important role on Trackmania in 2020.

With a total of seventeen distributed Awards, Trackmania News led by Lauz, the organizer of the event will reward all of you, who contributed to make Trackmania, yet again, the amazing game it is. This year, some changes will occur for the final vote. The community will account for 50% of the voting results. The relevant jury will vote for 25% and the other juries for the last 25%.

Nominees revealed on Wednesday December 16th, 20:00

Everyone can vote until Sunday, December 27th, 23:59 

Results revealed on Wednesday December 30th, 20:00 

Whether you are a player, an event organizer, a caster or a content creator, you have the possibility to highlight the most dedicated people in the community.

These are the Trackmania Awards!

Join us now on Discord: https://discord.gg/ugsFSyN

 Voting Phases