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After these two weeks of thinking and the beginning of the debates, we are finally able to announce you the course of the following event!

 1   0  ·  07 January 2023 16:33:15 ·  by  France Lauz


Starting at 20:00 CET, you can suggest your preferred nominees in each category of the 2022 edition of the biggest award show in Trackmania. **More information will be revealed during the event, stay tuned!**

 1   0  ·  27 December 2022 18:59:08 by  France Lauz

Smurfscup Canyon 500 at Saturday 19 March 2022

At Saturday 19 March 2022 at 20.00 cet Smurfen.net will host the 500th edition of the Smurfscup Canyon!

 0   0  ·  17 March 2022 09:30:29 by  HaagseSmurf
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10 Years of Smurfscups Canyon!

10 Years of Smurfscups Canyon! Today, 3 March 2022, we Smurfs are celebrating 10 years of Smurfscups Canyon and we want to thank everyone in this community and NADEO for making this all possible!

 3   0  ·  03 March 2022 08:43:00 by  HaagseSmurf

User Choice Awards 2021 Results!

The TMX/MX/IX User Choice Awards have concluded, and the results are ready for all to see!

 6   0  ·  31 January 2022 10:17:32 by  Australia PangoLynne

Why you should watch the upcoming Baltic Trackmania League

After a long break from competitive gaming the Estonian legend Sandder signed up for BTL. The current leaders B1ts, Morioka and SRK will be challenged by him to keep their status as national and regional heroes.

 1   0  ·  28 January 2022 17:28:14 by  Eliaswtm

Pac among British and Irish players to fight for regional title

This Sunday, the best British and Irish players will battle it out in the British & Irish Professional Cup (BIPC). With Pac, returning veterans and up and coming talents in attendance, BIPC is a must-watch event.

 1   0  ·  20 January 2022 17:46:20 by  United Kingdom Leo Falcomer-Dawson
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